Things to look for when

Restoring your pipes

We are confident in what we do and why we are the market leader.

ePIPE is the best solution for restoring your pipes - hands down.

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Why Repipe?

When you can epipe?


ePIPE is rated in the top 1%  of over 300, 000 licensed contractors in the state of California.


Since the 1990's ePIPE has been a market leader and innovator. And we keep innovating - from meeting new plumbing codes to improving our protective coatings for your pipes, with over 40 patents and growing.


Why wait overnight if you don't have to? With ePIPE, in most cases your water is back on the same day with our two hour cure times. 


Our proven, patented solution is minimally invasive, dust, debris and you will not be displaced from your home.


Our protective coating is the only UPC (Uniform Plumbing Code) approved and NSF certified for both metallic and non-metallic pipes.

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See us in action


Whether your property is residential, commercial, HOA, hotel or government we have the successful expertise, project management experience to scale and handle any size plumbing project.

We can help!

Restoring pipes for



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department of defense

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senior living

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Government housing