ePIPE 2 hour immediate return to service epoxy, certified by NSF

US based National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) has tested and certified ACE DuraFlo’s recent addition to its potable water lining materials. ePIPE, FRS cures in a fast 2 hours and is certified for use under NSF’s Std 61 regulation for immediate return to service when in contact with drinking water in pipes having an internal diameter of ½” and larger.

Approvals have also been granted from the UK’s Secretary of State for England as well as approvals covering Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland for in-situ application to both private and public water supplies.

The 2 hour cure product is ideal for projects that require water service to be returned the same day.

ePIPE, FRS is formulated to be applied as part of the patented ePIPE process.

About ePIPE
If you are in need of fast water pipe repair or emergency pipe repair, the patented ePIPE process involves restoring pipes in-place, with an application of an epoxy barrier coating resulting in a restored epoxy lined piping system. The process provides for a solution for pinhole leaks, epoxy lining, corrosion control and prevention of lead leaching from pipes for both commercial and residential piping systems. ePIPE service providers are located in the US, Canada, UK, Mexico, Europe and Russia. ePIPE products are sold under the brand names PurPipe®, Nu Pipe™ and ePIPE®.