The Covington

ePIPE Chosen to Protect Leaky Copper Pipes at Upscale Retirement Community

The Covington is an upscale retirement community located in Aliso Viejo, California.  The community has facilities for both independent and assisted living, and includes a variety of luxurious amenities for its residents.

The Problem

Soon after the opening in 2004, the copper drinking water piping systems began to have pinhole leaks, progressing to the point of 3 to 5 leaks per week with repairs costing roughly $150,000 annually. The property was faced with a tough task – finding a permanent solution that would not disrupt the lives and special needs of their residents.

The Solution

ePIPE Lead-Free, Leak-Free™ Pipe Protection with Same Day Return to Service. The patented ePIPE process is solution for pinhole leaks, lead leaching and corrosion in drinking water piping systems. Using the ePIPE process, pipes within the 131 unit main building, were repaired “in-place”, with minimal disruption to the residents and staff.

All residents were able to remain in their units during the process and had water back on every night.

“It’s been a really overall great experience, and the fact that a community like ours could have a team come in and do this in such a short period of time was a very positive experience”, said Krista Nay, Executive Director at The Covington.

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