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A patent needs to demonstrate to the patent examiner something that is new, useful and is not-obvious. We filed our first provisional application with the US patent office in 2002. Our focus was on making inventive steps to restoring pipes in-place. That inventive spirit leading to useful application of a technology is in part who we are, striving to make your life better.

Today, we have been awarded over 40 US and International patents for what we call the ePIPE Process. The patents cover things like how we seal leaks in pipes, prepare the pipe and how we help protect your health by reducing lead and copper from leaching from the pipe into your water.

Even after being awarded over 40 patents our efforts to improve what we do for you continues with active research and patents pending. Our ePIPE patents and  patents pending provide distinct improvements over other similar technologies.

Patents #7517409 and #8206783

Provide for the use of a vacuum in the process which assists in more efficient evacuation of debris left in the pipe during the cleaning process and provides for a less aggressive, more efficient method of cleaning the piping system.

Patents #7858149 and #8033242

Cover our methods for providing an internal coating and sealing leaks in the existing piping.

Patents #8524320, #9273815, #9611973 and #9724730

Cover the in-place coating of metallic pipes, including lead, copper and steel pipes, reducing lead leaching from lead pipes and other in-line lead contributors, such as lead solder from leaching into the drinking water supply. 

ePIPE Receives 5th U.S Patent

Pipe Restoration Technologies, LLC (PRT), announced today that they have been awarded Patent #8206783 by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This patent is focused on methods that provide enhanced cleaning and lining of smaller diameter pipes. The patent

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