Don’t let leaks ruin your summer fun

School’s almost out. Summer is around the corner. It’s about time to bring on the BBQ and pool parties!

But before your focus turns entirely to fun, do not forget that there is a certain amount of maintenance required to keep your property’s pool functioning efficiently. Pipes, which are the hidden blood vessels of your pool, should be checked and cleaned routinely to safeguard the pipe system from leaks.

Approximately one in 20 pools has a leak!

If you live in a state that is currently in a drought, you could be fined for not recognizing a leak in your pool’s pipe system. Approximately 30% of the land area in the United States is currently experiencing a drought, with the most severely affected areas being in the central and western part of the country. Each municipality has different rules regarding how often and how much you are allowed to fill up your pool, so be sure to know the rules in your specific municipality.

A pinhole leak can lose around 970 gallons of water from your pool in just one day. If not discovered in time, this will lead to 30,000 gallons of water wasted a month or 360,000 gallons of water wasted per year!

ACE DuraFlo’s revolutionary epoxy coating provides leak protection for your pool’s and property’s water pipes. If your pool is appearing to lose an abnormally high amount of water or if your pool is older than 10 years old, please give us a call for a free estimate. Thousands of people across the world have chosen ePIPE to restore their pipe systems. Our patented leak protection technology applies epoxy coating to pipes using a unique and non-invasive process, which prevents the need for digging and destroying your landscaping, pool area and home. This epoxy coating dries to form a strong and protective barrier inside the pipes that is safe for all types of water pipe systems.

Only our patented ePIPE technology has the quickest return-to-service time in the industry, with a two hour pipe system downtime. You could wait days, but why would you?