ePIPE, an effective solution to meeting World Health Standards for lead in water pipes

In December 2013 the EU will adopt the new World Health Organization (WHO) quality standard for lead in drinking water of 10 μg/l (10 ppb). An initial estimate is that 25% of domestic dwellings in the EU have a lead pipe in the water supply system, potentially putting up to approximately 120 million people or more at risk from lead in drinking water within the EU.

With lead pipes present in the water supply system, water suppliers are finding it difficult to meet the new standards using current corrective remedies. Current corrective remedies include the use of chemical additions to the water supply such as dosing with phosphate-based materials, conventional dig and replace methods, pull through, moling or slip lining methods.

ePIPE process and products prepare and place a protective barrier coating inside of lead drinking water pipes without having to dismantle or dig up the pipes. Patented ePIPE protected pipes reduced lead from leaching from the pipes to non detectable levels when measured at regulators cut off criteria. When made ready for service in the 2 hour time frame, specific leachates, such as Bisphenol A and Epichlorohydrin also measured non detectable when measured at regulators cut off levels.

Development and Testing
Providing a solution to reduce lead in drinking water service lines, US based Pipe Restoration Technologies, LLC (PRT) and UK based Morrison Utility Services teamed up in a UK based Joint Venture, Pipe Restoration Services (PRS). With over 12 years experience, ePIPE is a proven technology, and is used extensively for small diameter water pipe lining in the US, the EU and other parts of the world.

The product development program aimed at lead lining remediation rolled out in 2010 and utilized ePIPE specialists from the US and Canada working alongside experts from Morrison’s water utility service group. In-ground installation set ups and testing were used in the UK trials which involved treating existing lead service lines ranging in diameter from 12mm to 50mm.

UK’s Secretary of State has approved the use of ePIPE, for in-situ application to public water supply systems. Water carrying pipes, including lead pipes, having an internal bore, as small as 12mm, can be restored, in-place, with a ready to return to service in 2 hour time frame.