ePIPE leak free technology saves 1000’s of liters of water every day by sealing leaks in-place

Water service pipe running under the 2 carriageway road is leaking, estimated water loss 12,500 liters per day (4.5 million liters/yr. or some 1 million Imp. gallons/yr.) per single communication pipe. Water loss through system wide leakage in the UK is estimated to be about 25-30% of the overall water being supplied. Making an effort to tackle leakage issue is foremost on the minds of water company officials and OFWAT. (Regulators)

Stop the leak with minimal excavation, keep the traffic flowing and keep customer service interruption under 4 hours.

ePIPE® WRAS approved in-place lining and leak sealing technology.

Pipe Restoration Services (PRS), the UK ePIPE provider was called in to tackle the problem. The ePIPE technicians isolated the leaking communication pipe at the ferrule on the main water supply line and at the curb stop. The isolated communication pipe when exposed was found to be comprised of copper ends tied into a section of lead pipe that ran under the road. The isolated pipe was drained and prepared for the ePIPE lining process. The lining process from water off to water restored took less than 4 hours. Pressure and flow checks showed the leak was sealed and proper water flow was restored. An added benefit, in this case, with lead pipe is the improvement of water quality with ePIPE being approved for its effectiveness on reducing lead leaching into the water supply.


  • Traffic disruption minimised – no special requirements
  • Reduced excavation
  • Leakage resolved for full length of pipe
  • Added benefit of lining of lead pipe enhancing water quality

About PRS
Pipe Restoration Services, is an award winning joint venture between UK’s Morrison Utility Services and USA’s, Pipe Restoration Technologies, LLC. Morrison Utility Services is one of the UK’s leading utility service providers. Pipe Restoration Technologies, LLC., (PRT), www.epipeinfo.com focuses on development of product, equipment and process methods used in the business of in-place epoxy pipe lining. PRT services are provided in Europe, US, Canada, and Latin America. PRT holds multiple process patents with an ongoing portfolio of patents pending.