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How Much Does Epoxy Pipe Coating Cost?

For home and business owners, broken pipes or a leak in your water service line can spell trouble. Just an old pipe or some buildup is enough to have you reaching for the phone. But the average cost for a plumber just to do an inspection alone can cause alarm. This sometimes leads homeowners to either ignore the problem or try to fix it themselves, which can often lead to bigger problems. If you are experiencing any water piping issues or have a damaged pipe, epoxy pipe coating can be an affordable way to restore a plumbing system without having to completely break the bank. New pipe repair costs can get alarmingly high, fast. In situations where total pipe replacement is necessary, or maybe you just need to repair one single line, epoxy pipe coating can be a cost-effective way to solve the problem. 


Epoxy pipe coating is becoming increasingly popular because of its reasonable pricing, minimally invasive process, and durable results. Keep reading if you think this option might be for you and how much it might cost.

Benefits of Epoxy Pipe Coating

Epoxy pipe coating creates a barrier within your existing pipe structure. This prevents pinhole leaks, reduces copper, iron, and lead leaching into your water supply. It’s also minimally invasive; you often don’t have to jackhammer or cut open drywall to access the pipes. 


Epoxy coating is also versatile—whether it’s copper pipes, PEX, or even PVC, ePIPE epoxy can be a solution that meets needs across the board.


In most cases, your water service is restored the same day; it only takes a few hours to prepare the pipes for the epoxy and then to allow the epoxy resin to cure. For larger projects, this process might take longer. Regardless, epoxy pipe coating saves your wallet and time by minimizing the need to open holes in your walls, floors, and ceilings. Coating your service main line from your water meter to your residence will save your landscaping as well as your time. This means there’s little digging, no major destruction to any structures, and very minimal downtime for residents. 


You won’t be displaced from your home during an ePIPE repair and won’t have to deal with a ton of noise. Perhaps best of all, you won’t have to worry about the time and hassle to dig up your yard, restore your landscaping, or repair walls, flooring, drywall, painting, etc. 

Other Pipe Repair Options

With a traditional repair or repipe job, walls and floors may need to be destroyed to access the pipes for repair and/or replacement. This means you’ll deal with a mess in your home before the water is ever fixed, and you’ll have to factor in the time and costs associated with remediation. When it comes to traditional repair costs versus pipe lining costs, it’s easy to see why epoxy pipe lining/coating is quickly becoming every homeowners’ go-to.


Epoxy is durable. Why opt for invasive processes (such as jackhammering) that will leave more damage in its wake when you can benefit from epoxy barrier coating? With an epoxy coating, you end up with a fully coated water piping that helps prevent leaks. 


You are much less likely to run into issues in the future with corrosion. Your home will be protected from leaks whereas other pipe replacement or pipe coating options can have you reaching for the phone to call a plumber again right away. With our epoxy coating, you can be secure that you chose wisely and are saving the most money.

What Goes Into The Cost Of Epoxy Pipe Coating a House?

The Existing Pipes

Before anything else, the existing pipe material is considered. After the epoxy cures, the resulting pipe is coated and prevents future leaks. Our epoxy is formulated to be safe for use with any material—copper, PEX, lead, or PVC. But, the source material of the original pipe determines how they are prepared for the epoxy, which influences the final cost.

Inspection Results

From there, we look at the size of the property and conduct an inspection. We look closely at the plumbing layout, design, and all the affected water pipes. If there are any blockages or leaks, these will be addressed when we clean out and prepare the pipes for the pipe coating.


Then, we consider the flooring protection so that all of the work areas are protected from our hoses. After that, we take a look at all the plumbing fixtures and fittings for the hot and cold water. We evaluate shower and tub valves, too. 

Size of the Job

In the case of small repairs, we look at the length and size of the small section to repair. We also evaluate our accessibility. As a general rule, the more extensive the repair or the larger the property, the more you can expect to pay overall. Because it’s so difficult to provide exact cost information without a thorough inspection or even beginning the job, we offer our most accurate free estimates ahead of time. Cost varies depending on a number of factors, so many businesses avoid providing one set price and will keep adding to the price once they are on the job and you feel you have no other option.


Where many home maintenance and improvement tasks focus on square footage, the cost of an epoxy pipe coating is typically based on the number of plumbing outlets as well as the size of the home. While the project is likely to still cost thousands of dollars, it can be far more affordable than traditional pipe repair methods. 


Traditional pipe repairs can cost thousands (and thousands) of dollars, especially when you add in remediation costs like patching, painting, etc. With the traditional approach, there’s also the cost of digging and jackhammering. The more you have to open or tear up in order to get to an entry point or access point, the higher you can expect the additional costs to be. 


This is why epoxy pipe coating is becoming a more viable option for all.

EPIPE Financing Options

It’s no wonder why our epoxy coating is capturing the attention of home and business owners everywhere. Here at ePIPE, we know how important it is to be able to fix issues within your pipe systems as quickly, easily, and affordably as possible.


We offer financing options to make the experience easier for you. Our payments start as low as $98/month, depending on the exact repair you need. Plus, if you pay in full within 12 months, we have zero interest plans available.


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