How you can help conserve water this Earth Day


US based National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) has certified ACE DuraFlo’s ePIPE potable water lining epoxy, safe for “water on” in as little as 2 hours. ePIPE can be applied to drinking water pipes having a diameter as small as 1/2″.

Demands to protect metal pipes from leaching toxic metals like lead and copper have skyrocketed since the Flint lead
poisoning disaster emerged.

The patented ePIPE process protects metal pipes from leaching lead and copper in a matter of minutes, not days. Using the ePIPE process, lead levels are reduced to well below the World Health Organization’s (WHO) cut-off guidelines for lead, at 10 ug/l (10ppb). The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) cut-off levels for lead, at 15 ug/l (15ppb), are 50 percent higher than recommended by the World Health Organization.

ePIPE’s protective lining can be returned to service in as little as 2 hours, making it the fastest return to service and most effective in-place epoxy lining, lead and leak protection system in the industry.

“Hands down, we offer the best solution to protect drinking water from lead leaching”, said Larry Gillanders, CEO. “We are prepared to help cities like Flint to bring their water pipes into lead leaching compliance, using this efficient, effective and proven solution. Our non-invasive epoxy coating system can bring lead contaminated water systems, on both public and private side pipes, into compliance within hours, without causing destruction or closing down streets. This is a win-win for cities and their citizens.”

The ePIPE lead protection system is covered under several US patents including, #8524320 and #9273815.

Save water, prevent leaks and keep your drinking water safe from lead. Choose ePIPE.