Nationwide pool problems get ePIPE solutions

With summer temperatures sweltering, our thoughts turn to pools and the issues that can arise with the pipes that serve them. ePIPE provides many solutions to those pool piping problems. Take the plunge and read about ePIPE and pools.

ePipe and Pools

Marriott Resort & Beach Club, Kauai HI The main Jacuzzi and Fountain in the center of this luxury property had been out of order for years because a repipe was ‘virtually impossible’. ePIPE was applied in just days to return the system to service and Marriott saved millions over the cost of replacement.

St. Ignatius Loyola Catholic Church, Houston TX, An under-slab leak was found in the line serving the new baptismal font. Rather than calling for divine intervention, the Diocese called for ePIPE restoration to resolve the problem. No jackhammer or miracle required!

Pool solutions

Silver Springs MD residential pool not all of our projects involve exotic settings or millions of dollars. Regular homeowners don’t want to tear up their concrete and landscaping to get at a leaky pipe either. ePIPE is used to restore all sorts of “normal” pools with “normal” problems.

Whether the problem is in plastic or metal pipe, sealing leaks or stopping metals contamination, the patented ePIPE process delivers tremendous value by resolving piping problems in-place.