Prevent lead and copper leaching in water pipes


The patented ePIPE process is an effective solution for preventing lead & copper leaching in piping systems.

ePIPE is actively working with water utilities in the UK for lead remediation of water service pipes. From the water main to the curb stop and right through to the buildings internal shut off, the ePIPE process protects lead and copper supply pipes from leaching. Pipes from as small as 12mm (slightly less than 1/2″) can be restored.

Minimal customer disruption – from water off to water back on, service pipes can be restored in less than 4 hours.

Using the ePIPE process, lead levels are reduced to well below the World Health Organization’s (WHO) 10 µg/l (10ppb) cut-off guidelines.

SEE US IN ACTION – Click here to view a short video of some of our UK lead pipe remediation works.

In the United States, we are completing projects, including schools, to solve the problem with lead and copper leaching that is attributed to in-building pipe/fittings

NSF has now approved ePIPE for a 90 minute return to service, the fastest in the industry.

Fort Knox Protected
ePIPE technology was recently featured as the cover story for Plumbing Engineer Magazine for a lining project completed at Fort Knox. The project was a proactive approach for reducing copper leaching throughout 2.5 miles of potable piping systems located at the Army facility. To read the full article, click here.

ePIPE is committed to leading the way to Lead-Free, Leak-Free Pipes.