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The eDRAIN Program

Drain lines, like water lines, deteriorate. That’s the bad news. The GOOD NEWS is they can be restored in-place. For over 20 years the focus of our business has been the development of “in-place” pipe restoration technologies and installation skill development that goes along with the technology. Our company has since been at the forefront of the lining industry becoming the leader in pipe restoration technology. Our Team has been awarded multiple US and International patents in the pipe restoration arena and we have been consistently rated in the top 1% of over 300,000 contractors in the State of California.

eDRAIN is a straight forward program

We investigate your piping system and then choose the right fix for the job. Those choices may include: use of cured in-place liners (CIPP), pull in place liners, (PIP), spray coatings and yes, even replacement.

By placing an epoxy impregnated liner inside the drain line or by spray lining the inside of the pipe we are essentially creating a new pipe inside your existing drain line. Restoring your drain lines “in-place”.

Repair & Restore Your Drains from the inside out. Less Mess, Less Stress and Less Destruction!

Serving the East and West Coast

We do not require as much access space as traditional methods while installing our liners. We can also line vertical stacks where our competition cannot! No one can match the quality of our eDRAIN services.

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Whether you have a single-family residential property, a condo association, a senior living facility, a hotel or a government building, we have the successful expertise and project management experience to handle any size pipe restroation project.

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