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“Strategies to enhance the water quality in your building"

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“Proactive protection of drinking water system at Fort Knox"

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"Pipe Restoration For Water Quality"

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"ePIPE Franchisee TDT Plumbing Restores Hot Water System at Avenue Plaza Resort"

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"Failing pipe system: repair or replace?"

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"The benefits of pipe-lining technology for multifamily"

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“Prevent lead leaching in water with epoxy coatings”

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"Conserve water at the source: repair and protect pipes from leaks"

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"Restoring failing pipe systems is a win-win decision" ​​

in Chief Engineer


Our patents cover things like how we seal leaks in pipes, prepare the pipe and how we help protect your health by reducing lead and copper from leaching from the pipe into your water. Even after being awarded over 40 patents our efforts to improve what we do for you continues with active research and patents pending. Our ePIPE patents and patents pending provide distinct improvements over other similar technologies.


Whether your property is residential, commercial, HOA, hotel or government we have the successful expertise, project management experience to scale and handle any size plumbing project.

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